Firewood supply and delivery servicing Edmonton, Leduc, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St Albert, and surrounding areas!

Order firewood from Morris Landscaping & Tree Service to keep you and your family warm during the winter and to fuel those campfire memories in the summer!

Price List for Firewood:

Mixed Softwood Firewood:

  • $200/ half cord
  • $380/ full cord

100% Birch Firewood

  • $320/half cord
  • $600/full cord

Inquire with any special wood requests. Sometimes we have specialized hardwood available such as ash, apple, or maple which some clients like for its aroma when it burns or for smoking or cooking.

Firewood FAQ

How big is a cord of firewood?

A cord of wood measures 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft., equivalent of 128 cubic ft. when stacked (or about 170 cubic ft. loosely piled).

What if we want a smaller quantity than a half cord?

We’re happy to accommodate any order size; we offer bagging services for smaller quantities of firewood. Please simply specify what quantity of wood you’d prefer within your inquiry.

Where do you deliver firewood?

We primarily provide firewood to Edmonton and the surrounding areas including Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Leduc County, St. Albert, Devon, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, and Sturgeon County. If you are further away or have a lakeside cottage you need wood for, inquire with your location and we’ll be happy to let you know if we will deliver!

How is your firewood delivered?

We typically deliver firewood with our dump trailers for regular cord-sized orders. The firewood is dumped loosely on your driveway pad or any other area accessible to our truck and trailer.

Is stacking service available?

Stacking services are available starting at $70/half cord.
If you are interested in having your wood stacked upon delivery, please inform us when you place your order, to ensure that we are able to budget time for the extra task within our delivery schedule.
To request stacking services, please include within your order/inquiry:

• A description (ideally a photo) of where you need the wood stacked
• How far from the road/driveway the wood will need to be hauled to be stacked

How much is delivery?

Send us your location and order to confirm cost of delivery and check with us for any ongoing delivery promotions! We often run winter promotions for wood delivery while our landscaping trucks and trailers are not tied up with projects.

Is the firewood you sell fully seasoned?

Normally, all of our firewood is fully seasoned, measuring under 20% moisture. Sometimes due to selling out of seasoned wood, we offer next year’s wood that may be semi seasoned; Most commonly this wood is unevenly seasoned with larger or fresher pieces still requiring some drying out, while some of the wood is quite dry.

We check our loads of firewood regularly for moisture content in order to provide the best information for our clients before the wood shows up! Ask, when you order, for the latest moisture readings on the wood that we are selling!


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